Our Service

Safe packing ad shipments

Courier World provides safe & professional packing of your order, and safe handling for shipments. We have a fully trained experts and our promise is a smile on your face when you receive your products during delivery.

On time, every time

Courier world is set to deliver on time every time as we have a motto to deliver the shipments regularly, for corporates and for international on time. To manage our delivery, we use an advance delivery tracking device & next order as well as time expected, soft app equipped with latest technology provided to all our delivery team members

Same-day Service

Some deliveries to be delivered on urgent basis, or on the same day. As we understand our client’s world. Whether the client has to travel or expecting the deliveries to surprise their loved ones or anything urgent we support you on that. We get the notification for any urgent deliveries and our delivery team will be informed to drop the delivery on urgent basis. This will be uploaded to our delivery team soft app. Scheduling the priority basis the order will be assigned.

Bullet Service

This is the service for very urgent delivery, say for example if the product wants to be delivered within 2 to 3 hours or in an hour. First our team will check the product pickup and delivery location and based on that we will set the hours of delivery details.

Domestic Delivery Services in UAE

We never outsource, yes, we never. We have a huge inventory to stock all the couriers and cargos for delivering to the client. The team we have enough source to deliver all our clients delivery. We have a different types of delivery systems same day delivery, next day delivery, priority delivering options as per the clients requirements.

Next-day Delivery

If you check any deliveries, whether it’s an e-commerce company product, or any online products book, it will fall under Next-day Delivery category, unless the client a specific remark in the delivery note while purchasing or booking that particular product. Also this is the most cost efficient way and popular among the domestic delivery services. All you need to do is just book your delivery and sit back and relax we will send the tracking id’s and automatic update about the Air way details will be sent to the mobile number.

Get in touch with us at +971 565888693 or Send any queries via email at

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