Got a parcel you want to track?


I’m expecting a delivery, how can I track its status?

You can track your parcel on our site. You’ll need your parcel number. It’s really easy! Just enter your details here: Track and off you go.

This could be down to a few things…

If you have just ordered your goods it may take a short time for the parcel information to update on our systems. If you have had your parcel number for more than a day and there is no tracking information, please contact the sender to verify the number is correct and that the parcel has been passed over to Time Express.

If there has been no update for a couple of days and it has gone beyond the expected delivery date, please use the webchat facility and an advisor will be able to help you.

We will notify you by email if we are aware of any bad weather or road closures that will affect your collections or deliveries. Please speak to your account manager however if you have any individual queries.